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IMG 1195 2Dr. Glenn J. Bricken is a clinical psychologist and has 30 years of expertise in medical and health psychology which includes presurgical evaluations, the treatment of anxiety disorders and chronic pain utilizing hypnosis and biofeedback and providing patients with emotional support for the psychological trauma associated with a catastrophic illness or injury (such as a work related injury or a major surgery). Often patients’ physical symptoms dissipate as they deal with underlying emotional issues and reduce their tendency toward somatization. We have found that patients are also much more receptive to tapering Opioid medication when their underlying depression and anxiety have been addressed.

Dr. Bricken is the director of a more intensive, daily multi-disciplinary pain management program at the Chronic Pain Recovery Center of The Woodlands. This program includes both psycho-education and physical conditioning. We have a therapy pool, state of the art biofeedback equipment, and a physical therapy and psychotherapy treatment team with expertise in chronic pain. Sam Alianell, M.D. (physiatrist) specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation and serves as the medical director. He brings over twenty five years of experience to complete our multi-disciplinary pain program. Dr. Alianell will be happy to manage the patient’s medications as well as oversee the physical therapy component of the program. In most cases, our patient’s taper and discontinue Opioid medication while in the program. Of course, patients will always be sent back to the referring physician for any recommendations concerning additional procedures or treatments outside of the pain program.

Dr. Bricken and his associates also have multiple psychological specialties and a wide array of treatment approaches and techniques. Dr. Gary Tipton is our child and geriatric specialist. He is a certified school psychologist and has worked in the educational system for 25 years. He provides testing (including attention deficit disorders). Mr. Tom Bryant is a clinical social worker who is a licensed marriage and family therapist and is a chemical addictions specialist as well. Dr. Christine Randall is our neuropsychologist who evaluates patients with cognitive deficits, dementia and traumatic brain injuries.  Mrs. Linda DiCindio is our master’s level social worker who is certified in both biofeedback and hypnotherapy. We use biofeedback and hypnotherapy for pain management, stress management, weight control and smoking cessation. Dr. Michael Boyle is a licensed professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist. The core of his practice is dedicated to children/adolescents, parenting issues, and marital therapy.

In addition to an experienced clinical staff we have a tremendous support staff as well. Patients will be treated with the utmost care and respect from the moment they contact our office. They will be provided with an appointment quickly and their insurance will be handled professionally.