Individual and family psychotherapy are recommended for those individuals who are having difficulty coping with their pain condition and would like to learn biofeedback and self-hypnosis techniques to assist them in managing their pain.  Treatment of medical patients often includes problems with depression, substance abuse, marital issues, sexual dysfunctions and behavioral management of health concerns such as weight control or nicotine dependency.  Treatment of anxiety disorders and chronic pain often require hypnotherapy and biofeedback as well as providing patients with emotional support for the psychological trauma associated with a catastrophic illness or injury (such as an automobile or work-related accident).  Marital and family therapy are also important to help the family in coping with their loved one's chronic pain or medical condition. 

For those individuals who are unable to work or function in their daily routine, a more intensive chronic pain program is offered by your physician.  This program will provide specialized, comprehensive, physical and psychological treatment for individuals suffering from chronic pain to assist them in breaking the chronic pain cycle and in returning to gainful employment.  Because chronic pain does not follow any one pattern of symptoms or treatment, an interdisciplinary treatment approach and individualized treatment plan is developed.  In a chronic pain program developed by your physician, both the physical therapy component and the psychological component are emphasized.  A chronic pain program is designed to develop physical strength and increase activity while reducing physical tension which increases the patient's pain condition.